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Full stack development and data analytics


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Using our bespoke micro app development service



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Efficiency and Automation Specialists

Bespoke Software

We build solutions designed specifically for your use case. Using our micro web application service you only pay us monthly to licence the software once its built. Our goal is to acheive a 50% cost saving when replacing manual processes with our solutions, giving a cost benefit from month 1.

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Free your data from the constraints of spreadsheets. We can build integrations with existing systems to pull all of your businesses data into a central repository and build interactive dashboards to drive insight and informed decision making, available anywhere with an internet connection.

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Have a technical skills gap? Use our combined experience for advice on all things tech helping you make the right decisions for your business. We offer a monthly retainer service to advise you and your business at a high level. Think of us as an outsourced CTO function at minimal cost.

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Too many manual and repetative processes?

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